Thanks to the patented TitanX™ surface protection, a Pergo laminate floor will keep its elegant finish year in and year out. TitanX™ is a multilayer technology that includes protective layers of aluminium oxide particles, which provides superior resistance to wear and scratching. And with the special impact layers combined with a high quality core material TitanX™ also provides very high resistance for handling dropped objects and high heels.

  1. Superior wear and scratch-resistance layer
  2. Crystal-clear decor
  3. Excellent impact-resistance
  4. Moisture-resistant HDF core
  5. Back stabiliser


Wear protection

Pergo’s patented TitanX™ surface is the best multilayer protective floor finish on the market, providing wear resistance that exceeds normal standards for commercial environments.


A Pergo laminate floor makes it easier to maintain a high level of hygiene. Bacteria require nourishment and moisture in order to thrive and the tightly sealed, easy to clean TitanX™ surface makes this impossible. This provides a high level of hygiene naturally, without chemical antiseptics.


Anti-static Pergo laminate floors eliminate static electricity. Electrostatic charges generated by Pergo laminate floors are generally very low, but to reduce them even more we have developed a technology to give selected floors permanent antistatic properties throughout the life of the floor.


Impact resistance

The unique multilayer construction of our TitanX™ surface together with a dense core material provides very high impact resistance for handling dropped objects and high heels.

High Fire Resistance

A Pergo floor with TitanX™ surface has a natural high resistance to fire thanks to its multilayer construction. This combined with the core’s density allows for faster heat dissipation

Water resistance

Pergo’s Moisture Resistance System combines moisture resistant core materials with a strong and tight click joint. The surface protection of our new Sensation floors extends all the way into the bevels to create a fully closed surface.


Wear protection

The TitanX™ surface has an extra protective layer providing the best scratch and scuff resistance on the market, so your Pergo floor will retain its lustre much longer than other laminate floors.

Easy installation

Pergo’s patented PerfectFold™3.0 installation system makes installation faster and easier because you simply fold the floor into place.

Easier Cleaning

A Pergo floor with TitanX™ surface is much easier to clean than ordinary floors. The reason is that the TitanX™ surface is so tightly sealed that dirt simply cannot take hold.

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